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Quantum-less time and mathemathically deprived guess - time-management


What would you say to me if I told you that you don't have to be at work by 8 am, but fairly that you have to be at work tomorrow?

What if I told you that your alarm clock is going to be reconfigured to only exhibit days, and not certain times?

Would you sleep better?

Or what if your clock card was to have days, not digits, on its' face? Would your hypothesis of time be altered? If your meetings schedules were week specific, how would you feel?

Would you abandon the man-made minute, if you could?

You doubtless would, and with hardly reluctance and regret.

The lasting seasons and their restricted hours would still contribute the exact same sum of time, but any accost to it would change.

Minute to close panic would disappear.

Imagine the calendar with fewer pages, the digital watch that couldn't work, having no digits.

The extraordinary clock views that accessible a time/reference point, and the time saved by not having to view them.

Placing a a moment ago kneaded loaf into the oven, and compelling it out, whenever, or in summer due to the uncomfortable, high-minded kitchen temperature. Or, the dearth of queues and gridlock, where there would be no hurry to go nowhere.

The time would be the same but the speed and urgency would ease to nothing.

The microwave bell, coordinated to the moon phase, even.

Wouldn't that be a amusing concept, anything about a compromised "baked Alaska"?

The pre-Christmas sales rush, replaced by a more even-tempered and annual-wide, nut gathering experience.

The 7/11 re-worded to "Open at some stage in the day, all season".

Primitive and current "egg-timers" would need re-engineering, with more glass and more sand. Hydraulic assistance may be desirable to set it, though!

The time we made has left us short and the only continual is its absence.

A "second" compounds the issue and makes a minute, sixty times more offensive. Give me a be with when you have a minute, and comparable idiom is a collective or opportune response. Sports are from time to time careful in microseconds, which exaggerate all by approximately sixty thousand, and the human eye still has a restricted reaction time. A second, perhaps, has naught to do with a back chance, and is hard and unrecoverable.

Presumably, it is too fast to recover, by amazing so slow.

If a exact was badly made, then a back and its divisions were made with over-zealous and ambitious incompetence.

If I could live for just one more second, how many I had, would have barely significance.

If I could live for just one more minute, then it would be less hefty by a aspect of sixty; such is the perceived magnitude of a second.

If I could perhaps live for just one more microsecond, then. . . . . . . . sorry. . . . . out of time. . . . and its oblique irrelevance.

Such appropriate attributes and essentials are of critical importance, when one has to dodge a well-directed bullet with an disagreeable payload. Of course, this time burden is exacerbated when one has to tend to the microwave stuffing and its ill-timed bell, while such a bullet is in flight!

Having said that; and if you are still reading, then you made time where it was anyway. You austerely prioritised it a a small amount differently.

Having said all of that, I have minus eight days and 0. 0000279 seconds, to concentrate my dental appointment.

"We made the minute; can we make the time for it?"

Seamus Dolly is at http://www. CountControl. com

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