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"At my back I at all times hear time's winged chariot hastening near. "

Time management begins with the accomplishment that not including some brain wave and planning, we are possible to waste a great deal of time in the coming and have before now cadaverous a huge total of our life span in the past.

Wasting time is folly since time actually does have wings and our lives pass very quickly. By using proven methods we can make the most of anything time we have.

Billy Connolly, the great Scottish comedian, describes the speed of time in his own vivid way:

"A year in my life goes like this:

'Should auld acquaintance be forgot'

'Happy birthday'

'Jingle bells! Clink bells!'

He also tells a time allied story. I've cleaned the foreign language up a bit:

Two men were duration having a chat. The first man asked the agree with man:

"What would you do if you knew the world would end in 3 log time?"

"I'd have sex with all that moved," replied the back man and then he added a question: "What would you do?"

"I'd stand completely still," said the first man.

This story has a lesson. With 3 log to live we will tend to do what we certainly want to do whether it is having sex (or avoiding it!) or intake chocolate or illuminating our ancestors and links that we love them. Yet too many of us spend our lives not doing what we especially want to do.

If we imagined the world was about to end soon we might after all be able to detect what we exceedingly want to do in life. Of choice we still need to have the courage to do it.

The time management basic of all this is that life is too short, even when we have 30 more years and not just 3 mins to live, to waste on doing clothes we do not certainly want to do.

The amount one basic of time management is to come across what we exceedingly want to accomplish in life and then get on with it.

A back up basic is that we don't even have an adequate amount time to do all that we exceedingly want to do. We have to choose. I found out the hard way that you cannot learn a number of atypical musical instruments well except you are a bit of a genius.

In my twenties, I categorical I sought after to learn the bagpipes, the drums, the banjo, the guitar, the blues harp and the tin whistle.

I never got round to the tin whistle and only academic to play the other instruments at a beautiful basic level. It is wiser to focus on one key goal at a time in each key area of our lives.

Set goals that are achievable, disparate mine, and then take considerable act to attain them. Set SMART Goals - specific, measurable, attainable, consequences oriented, time based e. g. Do twenty pushups a day for a month. Count the pushups. Do an easy edition of them if compulsory (i. e. keep your knees on the ground). You feel and look stronger. You do the pushups for one month.

If one of your goals is to learn a skill like copywriting, conclude to spend an hour a day for 6 months civilizing your copy writing. Use a worksheet to amount out 180 squares and cross them all the way through after each one hour session. If you wish to learn 3 skills in 6 months, you will clearly need 540 squares.

A third basic of time management is to abide by the famed assistance which Charles Schwab paid $25,000 for i. e. make a list of about 6 belongings you want to attain tomorrow.

Sleep on it overnight and your intuitive will bestow you with the drive and the wisdom to make a good stab at achieving those 6 effects in the next 24 hours.

In the cock-crow start on the most chief of those 6 clothes and get as far as you can. If you have no matter which left to do. Put it on your list for tomorrow.

I won't take up any more of your time with this condition as you are doubtless keen to make your list of 6 key belongings to do tomorrow.

About the author

John Watson is an award award-winning coach and belligerent arts instructor. He has freshly in print two books about achieving your goals and dreams.

They can both be found on his website http://www. motivationtoday. com along with a daily motivational message.

The title of the first book is "36 Laws To Burst into flames Your Inner Power And Appreciate Your Dreams Now! - Acronyms, Stories, And Pictures. . . Easy To Commit to memory And Use Everyday To Grab Your Life And Soar With The Eagles"

The book can be found at this URL

http://www. motivationtoday. com/36_laws. php

The book uses acronyms, stories and movies to help readers bear in mind 36 laws that can in stages transform your life if you apply them.

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