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One of the tried and true company and time-management tools is the trusty old "to do" list. I was qualified to carefully put one at once at the end of the day for the next day, and at all tasks I botched to complete, to carry it forward. This classification has worked well in selection me prioritize and focus. But I have also heard many of my colleagues carp about having too much on their list, and atmosphere very depressed and overwhelmed by the sheer add up to of items on their "To Do" list. To help ease the overwhelm, I want to bring in the hypothesis of the "Stop Doing" list.

I first read about the "Stop Doing" list in "Good to Great" by Jim Collins. He acknowledged that one of the commonalities of the companies who were able to boost themselves from being just good to being great is that they all looked at what they were at present doing that they considered necessary to Stop Doing. I am implementing this idea in a faintly assorted way, but I think a "Stop Doing" list can in reality help your productivity and effectiveness.

So how do you choose what goes on your "Stop Doing" list? Here's what I be redolent of you do.

For the next week or two, each time you work on your "to do" list (and if you are not using one currently, I brightly advocate you start), or blocking off time for aspect tasks in you planner, ask by hand this question: "does this task add value or breed categorical consequences for me and my organization?" If the fulfil is no, it ought to go right on top of your "Stop Doing" list.

If the counter is "yes", ask physically a agree with question: "am I the best being to do this task?" The first cast doubt on tells you whether you can eliminate a task. This ask tells you whether you can ambassador a task. I know for solo-business people, you certainly think that you have no one to ambassador any tasks to. But actually, that might not automatically be true. Today, there is a whole association of virtual assistants who can code name a innumerable of administrative work for you. Some acknowledge work by the hour, and some agree to work by the project. If you are fascinated in this resource, check out www. assistu. com

For some people, you may have to then overcome your resistance to delegating. I've heard many of the reasons. Do these sound familiar?

? "By the time I describe it to a big cheese else, I could have done it myself. "

? "I can't trust a big cheese else to do it right. "

? "It costs too much money. "

Some of these are entirely legitimate concerns. However, already you dismiss the idea, care about the following:

? Is the task repetitive so that the up-front time investment to train a celebrity is in fact worth it 3 months down the road?

? Are you the most capable character to accomplished the task, or could a celebrity else do it in less time with less crack for change for the better results?

? If you didn't have to do the task, what would you elect to spend that time on, and what brunt will that have on your business, or your life?

So, after in view of these tough questions, add your delegated task to your "Stop Doing" list as well and send them elsewhere, and I agreement you will feel better. Even all the same I wrote this condition for citizens struggling with overload at work, the same attempt can be functional to build a "Stop Doing" list for home. Think of the promise - you can allot laundry, and cooking, and yard work, and cleaning, and what else?

Seriously, the in progress state of our lives is that there is commonly too much to do and not an adequate amount time. So, go all the way through this application at least once and see what you can shed from your "to do" list. If you like the results, then ascertain a dull and do this every 6 months or a year. The point is that you want to spend your time on high bearing tasks, and work that you enjoy.

2004 Inez O. Ng

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Do you need some arrangement and answerability to impel you forward? Own Coach Inez Ng has worked with professionals and entrepreneurs to transform their aspirations into reality. While focusing on detail areas, her instruction positively impacts all areas of her clients' lives. Learn more about schooling with Inez at http://www. RealizationsUnltd. com

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