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Assembly advance on a slow day: 9 ways to turn down-time into productivity time - time-management


If you work from home, you know the kind of day I mean. You made the calls. You revised those drafts. You sent out the emails. Where is everybody!? As much as you used to delight in a slow day when you were corporate, it's a a small amount atypical when you're in concert boss to yourself. Your mind gets to wandering. Ought to I head out to the park? Be supposed to I hit the mall? Must I. . . file for unemployment?

For a self-employed writer, designer or web dealer who works from home, a day devoid of associate from the external world can bring on something from indolence and inertia to a panic attack. Such fun games the mind will play when the two of you are left alone for long periods of time! But here's a diminutive classified about slow days. They're the achieve opening to catch up on the whole thing that went out of your head the detailed the phone closed ringing.

How do you consider what it is you were assumed to be doing ahead of it became unimportant? Think back to the last time you were swamped! Likelihood are, your mind was in overdrive, firing off ideas about how you could be civilizing your business. Were you mulling over a fasten of articles? Pipedreaming a new web marketing plan with an online buddy? Wishing you had remembered to meta-tag every page of your website?

A slow day is your big ability to get cracking on those barely plans that will lead to big affair for your company. Do you make lists of belongings that never get accomplished? Today's the day you'll be big that goal note pad with checkmarks! Here are some tips on how to make development on a slow day.

1. Learn a new program. Bring to mind last month when you bought "HTML for Dummies" and then tossed it into your closet? Now's the time to drag that book out of hiding. Bear in mind that free software you installed along with your scanner? Take the tutorial. A day that's free of interruption is the achieve day to pick up a few new mechanical pointers. Mastering some new programs can save you a huge headache when push comes to shove and you're struggling with that last-minute project.

2. Categorize your workspace. Isn't it about time you bunged using the floor as your file cabinet? And STOP depending on your email for phone numbers; you'll be sorry the day the head waiter goes down and you can't get in touch with your leading client! Invest in some killing file folders and a Rolodex--so you'll have easy approach to acquaintance information, development notes, contracts and such. Stock up on imprinter cartridges and paper so you don't run out in the central point of an critical project. Hang a wall calendar and start using it. There are so many small clothes you can do to get logical and add to your productivity!

3. Write an article. Experiencing service provider frustration with nowhere to vent? Had a fresh eye-opener while doing work for a client? Being an autonomous supplier means amazing new every day. Whether it's a challenge, a victory or a pitfall, all you come away with is a costly lecture to be learned. Why not share your data with the world? There are thousands of websites looking for content. Many give you a byline, and some will even pay you! What a great way to make the most of your experiences. . . and get your name out there in print.

4. Do some research. Ever have a chat with a colleague, and "not especially know what they're discussion about?" Say they allusion 'viral marketing'- well, you've heard the term, sure, but what does it mean, really? "AdSense articles. . . what is that?" you wonder. Down time is the accurate time to get educated and updated! Do a Google examination on all those baffling buzzwords you've been hearing. Go because of your old emails and catch up on reading. Surf around; bookmark some good sites. You'll be pleasantly bowled over at what you learn in just a few hours!

5. Join a Network. Web networking's the way to go. . . use your "free day" to make some new contacts and maybe even a few friends. Participate in a forum chat where you can share your acquaintance as well as learn from others! If you're previously part of a network, take this time to reconnect with colonize who might develop into expectations clients or big business associates. When you least be expecting it, they'll come out of hitting with an exciting work proposition. . . maybe even on your next "slow day!"

6. Fill in your website. There is nonentity more amateur than a website that's only half-built, or not up-to-date. Still have Christmas images bedecking your homepage in March? Get rid of it! Attention about raising your hourly rate but never got about to doing it? Now's the time! Whether it's addition assortment samples, civilizing the common design, adding up legalese or putting at once a Testimonials page from content clients, probability are there's amazing that can be done to convalesce your website and augment your credibility!

7. Buy a acquaint with for your business. Got a stash of cash in your PayPal account? Invest a a small amount of it in the coming of your business. Join a irregular website with a good reputation. Take a 2-day avenue in amazing you've all the time sought after to know more about. Gifts that will develop your certified horizons and finally add to sales are money well spent!

8. Learn how to be converted into a Website Affiliate. Build affair relationships, get exposure, share in sequence and get paid for it! Colleague Programs are customarily free to join, and with a few clicks of the mouse, you can supplement your earnings basically by forceful travel to other people's websites. How's that for easy cash?

9. Build a Band Newsletter. If you don't before now have one, downtime is your attempt to build a associate list and put as one a ballet company newsletter. With a a small amount investigation you'll determine that many websites offer free trial periods where you can learn to use their call base and newsletter-template software. And there are tons of sites on the web that offer free articles that you can print in your publication. Maybe you can even make use of those articles you wrote the last time nonentity was going on!

Now, what are you behind you for? You've only got half-a-slow-day left to get going on these projects. Happy Freelancing!

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. Use with permission.

Dina Giolitto is a New-Jersey based Copywriting Consultant with nine years' business experience. Her contemporary focus is web comfort and web marketing for a assembly of foodstuffs and armed forces even if the bulk of her come across lies in retail for big-name companies like Toys"R"Us. Visit http://www. wordfeeder. com for rates and samples.


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